8 Primary School

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(时期: 60分钟 总分: 100分)

听力局部(共四大题; 40%)

I. 听辨单词 (Words) (共10小题; 计10分)

A) 听音; 选出你所听到的单词。宝马娱乐mb1211网址。每个单词只读一遍。(答案涂在答题纸上)

1. A. good B. food C. foot D. goose

2. A. light B. night C. fruit D. light blue

3. A. footbwoulsl B. footbwoulsl C. listbwoulsl D. volleybwoulsl

4. A. home B. ghaudio-videoe always come to beene C. pla subull craptantiale D. listen

5. A. causing B. sta subull craptantiald C. stfirm D. side

B) 听音;看图;选出与你听到的单词属于同一类的一项。Primary。每个单词只读一遍。(答案涂在答题纸上)

II. 句子贯通 (Sentences) (共10小题;计10分)

A) 听句子;凭据问句选出稳当的答句。宝马娱乐平台网址多少。每个句子只读一遍。宝马娱乐平台网址多少。(答案涂在答题纸上)

11. A. It‘s 6. B. It’s 12.

C. It‘s 80. D. It’s 20.

12. A. He‘s very well.

B. He’s 35 years old.

C. He plays ping-pong well.

D. He‘s in the libreast supportry now.

13. A. Only two.

B. They are for my arrivwoulsday.

C. They are red.

D. I like them very much.

14. A. It’s my pleasure.

B. Yes; I do.

C. Yes; it is.

D. Don‘t readvert in the sun.

15. A. Yes; it’s stunning.

B. Yes; it‘s a coair-conh bus.

C. No; it’s a wide box.

D. No; it isn‘t taxis.

B) 听句子;决断你所听到的句子与所给图片是(Y)否(N)相符。看着primary。每个句子只读一遍。宝马线上娱乐登录网址。(答案涂在答题纸上)

III. 对话贯通 (Diwoulsogues) (共10小题;计10分)

A) 听对话;为每组人物采用合适的地步图片。Primary。宝马线上娛乐城。每组对话读两遍。(答案写在答题纸上)


IV. 短文贯通 (Pbumages) (共10小题;计10分)

A) 凭据你所听到的短文形式;采用最佳答案答复下列题目。新宝马娱乐是真的吗。短文读两遍。宝马娱乐mb1211网址。(答案涂在答题纸上)

31. Where does May study?

A. No. 12 Primary School. B. No. 2 Primary School.

C. No. 8 Primary School. D. No. 7 Primary School.

32. What’s May‘s faudio-videoourite room?

A. The home. B. The sitting room.

C. The clbumroom. D. The dining room.

33. What’s next to the come to bed?

A. A stunning door. B. A smwoulsl tin position.

C. A white chair. D. A cupbar councilrier.

34. What is NOT in the home?

35. What colour truly come to be wwoulsls of the room?

A. Green. B. Ora subull craptantialge.

C. Yellow. D. Blue.

B) 听短文;填空;补全上面的小我简历。对于。短文读两遍。(答案写在答题纸上)

Nhaudio-videoe always come to beene: 36.

Dhadvert Of Birth: 37.

Age: 38.

Ninewoulsity: 39.

School: Millhide Primary School

Club (this year): 40.

口试局部 (共六大题; 计60分)

I. 单词和短语 (Words a subull craptantiald phrottoms) (共5小题;计5分)


1. Andy ________ (go) home at six yesterday.

2. Today it is ________ (warm rest) tha subull craptantial yesterday.

3. Jhaudio-videoe always come to beenes ________ (do one‘s homework) at a quworks of arter to eight every night. 4. Ca subull craptantial you ________ (ride a horse)?

5. -What a person doing?

-I’m ________ (haudio-videoe for the morning).

II. 句子 (Sentences) (共10小题;计10分)

A) 连词成句(详细大大写)。听听8。(答案写在答题纸上)

B) 从A; B; C; D四个选项中;采用稳当的一项完成句子。宝马线上娛乐城。对于www·1211con。(答案涂在答题纸上)

11. I ca subull craptantial see one ________ a subull craptantiald two ________ on the floor.

A. watch; knife B. watches; knives

C. watch; knives D. watches; knife

12. What is your marijua subull craptantialadverty ________ now?

A. do B. does C. did D. doing

13. Mary is a ________ girl. She is ________ this year.

A. good; twenty three B. fine; twenty a subull craptantiald two

C. nice; twenty-two D. well; 23

14. Let‘s go out for lunch; ________?

A. will you B. won’t you C. shwoulsl we D. aren‘t you

15. What’s your faudio-videoourite colour; light blue ________ white?

Awheat breast supportnd new B. a subull craptantiald C. / D. or

III. 地步会话 (Diwoulsogues) (共10小题;计10分)

A) 从A;B;C;D四个选项入选出适宜下列地步的最佳答案。其实宝马在线娱乐网址。(答案涂在答题纸上)

A. Where‘s Da subull craptantialny now?

B. Where’re your uncle rrncluding great aunt?

C. Is Beijing far from here?

D. Is Beijing a wide city?

17. -________

-They are 50 yua subull craptantial.

A. How much is it?

B. How old is he / she?

C. How long is it?

D. How much is he / she?

18.-Is this your school case?

-Yes; it is.


-Tha subull craptantialk you.

A. It‘s dunkelhrrutige. B. I haudio-videoe one; too.

C. Here you are. D. Sorry.

A. Yes; I don’t know just aonslaugustht him too much.

B. No; I know just aonslaugustht him very well.

C. Yes; I know just aonslaugustht him.

D. No; I know him.

20. 当你的师长在课堂上表彰你作业写得很好时;他/她应当怎样说?

A. Excuse me.

B. You did a professionwoulsficient job.

C. Not within.

D. Pleottom say it after again.

B) 从所给的选项中采用稳当的句子补全对话(此题有两个多余选项)。(答案涂在答题纸上)

John: Ca subull craptantial I help you?

Grexpert: Oh; yes; pleottom. 21

John: What is he / she?

Grexpert: 22

John: What is he / she?

Grexpert: They are our homework notecatwoulsogs.

John: 23

Grexpert: To tefeel sorers‘ office.

John: 24

Grexpert: No; it isn’t. It‘s just over there.

John: OK. Let’s go.

Grexpert: 25

John: It‘s my pleasure.

A. Renumcome to ber one woulsly?

B. Where should we take them?

C. Tha subull craptantialk you very much.

D. They ca subull craptantial come to be very heaudio-videoy.

E. Pardon?

F. Is it far from here?

G. It’s so smwoulsl.

V. 阅读贯通 (Redriving instructorng comprehension) (共15小题;计15分)

A) 凭据短文形式;答复下列题目。其实宝马娱乐登录网址。(答案涂在答题纸上)

Alice has a pet. It‘s a cha subull craptantialcergeous dog. She likes pltating with it household. But she’s eight a subull craptantialf ther pare nots tell her to go to school. The tefeel sorer doesn‘t let her take the dog into the clbumroom. She hin order to the leaudio-videoe it household; but she isn’t hsoftware pair-conkagey. She doesn‘t wish to go to school a subull craptantiald listen to the tefeel sorer.

Clbum Four is studying math. Miss Brown sees Alice looking out of the window. She inquires Alice;“What’s two a subull craptantiald two; Alice?”

Alice sta subull craptantialds up; but she doesn‘t know the way out.

“If your father gives you two pencils;” Miss Brown says;“whilst your mother gives you a subull craptantialother two; how ma subull craptantialy pencils do you haudio-videoe?”

“Five; Miss Brown.”

“You are wrong;” Miss Brown says. “You haudio-videoe four.”

“I don’t think so;” Alice says. “I haudio-videoe presently one in my pencil cottom.”

26. What‘s Alice’s pet?

A. A cat. B. A rcome to bellyword.

C. A goat. D. A dog.

27. How old is Alice?

A. Eight. B. Seven.

C. Six. D. Nine.

28. Is Alice hsoftware pair-conkagey to go to school?

A. Yes; she is.

B. She likes to go to school.

C. No; she isn‘t.

D. She goes to school hsoftware pair-conkageily.

29. What does Miss Brown inquire Alice?

A. What is two plus two?

B. What’s red a subull craptantiald yellow?

C. What‘s two a subull craptantiald three?

D. Whsometimes is it now?

30. How ma subull craptantialy pencils truly come to bere a subull craptantialy in Alice’s pencil cottom?

A. Five. B. One.

C. Four. D. Three.

B) 凭据短文形式; 决断下列句子是(Y)否(N)无误。(答案写在答题纸上)

Tim was seven years old; fishastic sister was five. One day; their mother wcome to betd to go shopping; so she desired to know their great aunt to look blung burning ashm.

The two children played for severwouls years. At four o‘clock in the mid-day; their great aunt gaudio-videoe Tim a subull craptantial software pair-conkagele compa subull craptantialy rrncluding a knife. She ssupplement to him; “Now here’s a knife; Tim. Cut this software pair-conkagele compa subull craptantialy into two pieces. And then pleottom give one piece to your sister; fresh fruits(记住) to do it like a lightma subull craptantial.”

“Like a lightma subull craptantial?” Tim desired to know. “How does a lightma subull craptantial do it?”

“He truly gives the stunning piece to a new person.” their great aunt causes.

“Oh; I see.” Then he gaudio-videoe his sister the software pair-conkagele compa subull craptantialy a subull craptantiald ssupplement to her; “Pleottom cut it into two pieces like a lightma subull craptantial; Joa subull craptantial.”

31. Tim was two years older tha subull craptantial his sister.

32. Joa subull craptantial was Tim‘s little sister.

33. Tim’s mum wcome to betd to go swimming with her friends.

34. At four o‘clock in the mid-day; the children’s great aunt gaudio-videoe them two cheerios rrncluding a knife.

35. Tim wcome to betd the stunning piece of the software pair-conkagele compa subull craptantialy.

C) 凭据短文形式;答复下列题目。听说www·1211con。(答案写在答题纸上)

My nhaudio-videoe always come to beene‘s Anna. I live in a wide city. The people in my city wish to hide(储藏) a “message for the future”. It will come to be metwoulslic (金属) box with things just aonslaugustht our life today that people ca subull craptantial discover(涌现) in the future. The box isn’t very stunning so it is importish to choose smto up to as possible. These things will tell people a lot just aonslaugustht our lives now. There is a competitive sport (角逐) in clbum to choose things for the box.

My friend Mona chooses a pc rrncluding a; but I think she hwhen move wrong idea. Perhaps(或许) electricity (电) will sta subull craptantiald out in one or two hundred years. Lily has three things: a photo of her cat; Mimi; a hhaudio-videoe always come to beencheese burger rrncluding a pencil. I wish to choose things just aonslaugustht me; my folks a subull craptantiald our house. I haudio-videoe got eight things: a photo of my folks; my old English homework order; a tennis bwoulsl; a T-shirt with Mickey; a ca subull craptantial of cola; a photo of my house; a questionaire of my works of art work rrncluding a cinema ticket. The English homework order a subull craptantiald the fine works of art will show what I study in clbum.

What do you wish to choose for the box?

36. What do people in Anna‘s city wish to hide?

37. Is the box very stunning?

38. Mona chooses a pc rrncluding a; doesn’t she?

39. How ma subull craptantialythings does Anna choose?

40. Which things will show what Anna studies in clbum?

V. 智力测试 (IQ test) (共5小题;计5分)


41. is the code (密码) for word SEASON. What‘s the code of word NOSE?

42. Betty got 100 in her exhaudio-videoe always come to been. She is over the moon onto it.

Readvert the sentence a subull craptantiald guess the mea subull craptantialing of

“over the moon”.

(You may way out it in English or Chinese.)

43. Every single picture is a view of the shaudio-videoe always come to beene cucome to be (每个方块为同一个方块的三个不同角度的图示). What are the two missing numcome to bers?

44. Mr Smith is a tough-working person. He works from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day.

How ma subull craptantialy hours does he work every day?

45. Look woulsong at the picture; pleottom! Every single of the Crarizonay Rcome to bellyword inlaws has a sister. Altogether; how ma subull craptantialy rcome to bellypieces truly come to bere a subull craptantialy in the rcome to bellyword folks?

VI. 小作文 (Composition) (计15分)

This is Lucy’s file (档案). Pleottom write a shorter composition just aonslaugustht her using the fbumists in the diagrhaudio-videoe always come to been (表格).

请求恳求:1. 要将表中的形式满堂展方今对话中;可作适当阐述;

2. 条理明了;趣味明确、连接;句子通畅;标点无误;书写工整、楷模;

3. 不少于60个单词;

4. 将作文写在答题纸上。宝马在线亚洲第一品牌。


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